How To Repurpose Content to Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels is now an available destination inside And there are a few things we need to take note of. More than that later. But right now, let’s show you how to connect your Facebook inside

Let’s go inside the connections tab, click add a new connection. From the selection, choose Facebook. Add the name, click connect. A popup window will appear. So make sure you’re logged in your Facebook profile. Continue, click on choose what you allow and check all the Facebook pages that you are allowing your. Facebook reels to peer two to continue, and you’re done. Now let’s create two workflows, one for short form content videos, and another for long form videos, which we will transform into vertical clips.

For short-form videos, we’re gonna do TikTok to Facebook Reels.

Inside the workflows tab, click create a new workflow. Name your workflow, click “Add a source type” and look for TikTok and choose the source connection. We’re gonna upload the full video from your TikTok For the destination, choose the Facebook account and the Facebook page.

You’re going to post your Facebook Reels to. Choose Reels, and then click done. There you go. TikTok to Facebook reel. To check the content, just click “View content”. Then all your TikTok videos are available here and they’re ready to publish. You can publish or schedule your TikTok videos at a preferred date or turn your workflow into “Auto mode” so that all your future TikTok videos are published automatically on Facebook Reels without logging inside,

Now, this isn’t just for TikTok. You can now repurpose short-form videos like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, all without the watermark directly to your Facebook Reels.

And now for long-form videos. We’re gonna do YouTube to Facebook Reels.

On the workflows tab, we’re gonna click Create the Workflow.

Give a name to the workflow. In this case is YouTube to Facebook R eels. For your source type, choose YouTube and the Source connection, which is your YouTube channel. Next, upload your clips, click next, and then for the destination, choose your Facebook connection and your Facebook page. Choose Reels and then click “done”.

Now to check your content, just click “View content”. Then all your YouTube videos are here ready to publish. Now if you wanna create a snippet, just click on this button right here and a pop up window will appear, and this is where you’re going to create your snippets.

Now in this case, we’re gonna create vertical videos.

How are we gonna do that? Simple. Just go to “Settings” and right here in “Video style”, choose “Vertical”. Now you have a lot of options here by changing the color of the text and background color. But, in this case, we’re gonna use our templates and you can customize your templates any way you like. And I have a few of my templates right here, so I’m going to choose vertical template.

And then I have an option to burn all the captions on the video and save. Then when I’m ready, I’m just going to hit “Publish” and it’s gonna automatically go to my Facebook Reels. And that’s it.

You can also repurpose long-form videos and live streams from places like Facebook, Zoom meetings and audio podcast, and turn them into short clips and directly publish them to Facebook Reels.

Important things to take note of.

  1. Facebook Reels as a destination is only available for Facebook pages (Meta doesn’t allow any 3rd party tool to directly publish to personal profile and group Reels).
  2. Each Facebook Reel must only be 60 seconds or less.
  3. Each Facebook Reel must be in a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio in order for it to be accepted.

Give it a spin for free by visiting and let us know what you think.