is helping many different businesses and entrepreneurs repurpose their content with impact. And we’re here to let them talk about it.

In this blog post are the fantastic stories from people using as their go-to software for repurposing content online.

Joshua Wagner

“Joshua Wagner certified hypnotist from I’ve enjoyed for the last year a great following on TikTok and been wanting to cross platform. I haven’t really liked any of the solutions that I had. A lot of the solutions that are not really built for video, all that well.

And then at TikTok, I found a user who was using and I checked it out and I’m like, this is everything I’m looking. So I’ve got post scheduled. I’ve got my workflows all set up. It’s going to TikTok and Instagram over to YouTube and it’s going on to Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s amazing! It’s really streamlined my business just to be able to repurpose it so fast has just absolutely changed my business.

I’m already getting traction. I’m already getting followers on the other platforms. I’m already getting people signing up for my sessions. This is a godsend. Price is right. Easy to use. This is totally worth it. Totally worth what you’re doing no matter what kind of business you’re in. Cross platforming is the safe way to go.

And if you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it, then even better. Give it a try and you’ll love it.”

Michael Pizarro

“I have my sources as TikTok going to YouTube. And I repost about 160 videos. And all I did was just connect this workflow and all of this automatically posted for me to my YouTube channel. I went from zero views to 35 million without lifting a finger all because of and I actually gained over 60,000 followers within a week of just not doing anything. Kind of like doubled almost every day until I was hitting 9,000 followers or subscribers a day.

And all I did was connect my TikTok source to my YouTube. Every couple hours or so, would just repost whatever content I had on my TikTok, straight to YouTube, all automatically for me. It took the captions. It took the footage without watermark. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

61,000 subscribers is a ton and I’m on track to get a 100 K plaque for YouTube without doing anything at all, which is crazy.”

Mike Lamothe

“I’ve been using the software for a while and I just started a podcast and it’s not even officially launched on iTunes yet on some other places. But I have the feed and it’s unbelievable.

I just set everything up and it’s gonna go out to my Twitter. It’s gonna go out to LinkedIn. It’s gonna go out to Facebook. It’s gonna go to YouTube and whatever format. Like if you want the square videos, if you want the full regular landscape videos, if you want the portrait videos, it does it all. It allowed me to go to Instagram.

IGTV. I just have to like, I’m just finishing the fine-tuning it right now. And I just have to turn on auto. And the next time I upload another episode of my podcast, it’s gonna go to all of them automatically. So if you’re not using right now, go check it out. I think there’s a free trial there.

If you want your content to be everywhere and you’re creating content consistently, then it’s gonna save you a ton of time or it’s gonna just give you more exposure. Because most people, let’s face it. If you gotta put it everywhere out, most people don’t do it. And if you do, it’s a pain in the butt.

So, one click, set it up, and you’re done. Check it out. I know you love it.”

Michael J. Penny

“I’m Michael J. Penney. Founder, creator five, If you’re seeing the header above and the caption and the watermark and all of that other stuff on this video, we use to make that happen. And I am suggesting that you use it: It has saved our team a whole lot of time, effort, money, and hair from being pulled out by using We can schedule outbound posts.

We can automate those scheduled outbound posts. We can automate clipping our full-length interviews into snippets. That’s another huge feature that we love. It does all of the captions and puts a watermark in the progress part and everything else. Awesome. Awesome, awesome resource. We love using it. It especially works really well when we’re posting on LinkedIn, which we are focused towards helping business owners with their business planning.

We totally recommend new using Right now. Go ahead, check it out.” is a GAME CHANGER.

You’ve read how has helped them save them time, effort and, yes, even hair to create content effectively and efficiently. Our impressive software can take your video or audio content and repurpose them for each social media channel.

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Now, anytime you have a new video or audio on places like Facebook, YouTube, or even your podcast, you can repurpose it to all your social media channels, like TikTok, IG Reels, YouTube Shorts Facebook, Pinterest, and even more. That’s repurposing efficiently with

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We appreciate all our wonderful ninjas who continue to use to grow their businesses. And, who knows, your story might be next. Thanks for joining us today. I’m Roy Garcia and we’ll see you again. Next time.