Content Marketing Insider Episode 2 proved to be a wealth of valuable content coming from Logan Cramer, Affiliate Marketing Aficionado and Affiliate Manager.

Here are some juicy tidbits sourced from the show.

Anyone can start in affiliate marketing.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies that have affiliate programs (including – check out our affiliate resources to get access to email swipes, example videos, affiliate links, media kits, and more.)

A lot of times you can just sign up and be an affiliate. When someone clicks on those affiliate links, the creator gets paid a certain percentage or commission.

A lot of people who wanna start affiliate marketing and they don’t have too much startup money.

That’s a great thing about organic marketing, which just means that you’re doing it yourself. You’re creating content, you’re not paying for ads, and it doesn’t really cost money.

You need video content.

The really cool thing with video content is people get to know you, they get to see you. When you push your affiliate products out, you’ll gain an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you to buy products that maybe they wouldn’t from anyone else.

Repurposing your content safeguards you from any of the algorithms.

Because any day, a social media channel can say, “I don’t like that video. I’m gonna take it away.” You want to make sure that your content is more in your hands than anybody else’s when you repurpose content.

Drive people somewhere else besides TikTok.. like Instagram and Pinterest.

I think TikTok is a great injection. But I truly feel like it’s the best place to bring your followers somewhere else like a hub, like a Facebook group, like YouTube, or more like a community.

We encourage you to watch the entire video found above and be hooked on affiliate marketing.

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