We’ve got two features inside Repurpose.io that we can’t wait to show you.

Audio to Video Templates for Audiograms

Audio to video templates are now available inside Repurpose.io. I’ll show you how it’s done. To access the audio to video template, click new template, put a name, and choose audio to video.

Choose a size, whether it’s square, vertical, or horizontal. The design has a headline, your podcast artwork, and your sound wave. You can change the font. Make it bold. Change the color of the text. You can change the sound wave size, and you can also change the colors of the progression bar.

Of course, the colors will be based on your brand. You can also change the background. Change it in different colors or pre-made background images that we have here. Or you can upload your own backgrounds.

Canva Integration For Template Designs

You know what else is awesome? We have integrated Canva inside Repurpose.io.

To use Canva, make sure that you are logged in to your Canva account. Just click the Canva button and a window will appear with the familiar Canva interface. From inside Canva, you can choose the pre-made design that you’ve done, or you can choose a template that’s already built in Canva.

Once you’re done, click “Publish” and then Repurpose.io will import the design from Canva to the Repurpose.io workspace. So we can just make a few adjustments here to accommodate the design. And there you have it. Save this and you can reuse it anytime you want.

Pre-defined Templates (Square, Horizontal, or Vertical)

If you’re in a pinch and wanna start ASAP, predefined templates are here to save your day.

Choose the workflow where you want to apply your template video content. From inside, you can click settings. And then there’s this new button that says predefined templates. Click on this button and Repurpose.io will show you all the available pre-made templates: Square templates, horizontal templates, and vertical template.

Choose what fits your brand or what you feel like using right now, and the template will be applied to your workflow. Now, let’s say you want to make some last minute cosmetic changes. This is easy to do. Inside the published preview, you can click on some of the elements right here and you can change the font, change the color, and even change the positioning.

And once you’re done, just press publish and you’re good to go.

Pre-defined Templates as Design Jumpstart

If you’re in a creative block, you can use the predefined templates as a starting point to design your own templates. To access the pre defined templates, just go to the templates section and there’s a new button that says Predefined templates.

Click the button and Repurpose.io. will show you all the predefined templates: From square templates to horizontal/landscape templates and vertical templates. You can use any of the predefined templates as a starting point to your design. So let’s say, let’s choose this one, and then the template designer will show you all the things that you can do.

You can change the font, the colors alignment, so on and so forth. You can make this bigger, smaller, You can change the color of the backgrounds or even use different textures. Once you’re done, just click the button here and give a name to your new template. It’s that simple.

We’ve done improvements and squashed a few bugs along the way. Click here to see a complete list of new features and fixes