Welcome to the new year! As we all look forward to new beginnings and opportunities, we at Repurpose.io are excited to announce a new feature that we believe will enhance your content management experience: the Calendar feature.

This tool was designed to help you easily plan, organize, and keep track of your content. But that’s not all – it can also assist with staying organized and productive, maximizing your time and efforts.

Calendar Feature Overview

Inside the Repurpose.io dashboard, you will notice a new icon called CALENDAR on the left. Just click on that. In a few moments, the calendar will be on the screen. Inside the calendar, you’ll see all your already published content plus your scheduled content.

There are different ways to view your scheduled content. You can look at it on a monthly view. You can also check it out on a weekly view, and you do need to move forward or backward to the week. And also you can check it by the day. 

Quickly View Published and Scheduled Content

Your calendar will display your already published and scheduled content from all your workflows (such as YouTube to Facebook, TikTok to YouTube Shorts, TikTok to Instagram Reels, etc) with the icons. When you hover your mouse over one of these scheduled items, it gives you a glimpse of what that content is.

Edit and Reschedule Your Content

If you click one, it will show you the “schedule settings.” You can update the post title and description, preview the video, and even update the scheduled date.

Easily Schedule New Content

Now when you schedule new content from inside your the View Content page, you’ll also see a calendar view showing you what is already scheduled and published so you can make a choose the perfect day and time for your content to go out.

But wait … there’s more

That’s not all. Here’s what else is included in our latest update …

  • Calendar view is here! Now you can view your published content, updated scheduled content, and schedule new content in a calendar view.
  • Affiliate area now includes your referrals and updated resources to help you promote, track, and earn even more commission.
  • New option that allows you to auto-trim your video when it exceeds the duration of the Destination platform
  • New setting that lets you automatically use Source Hashtags as YouTube Tags when publishing to YouTube.
  • Smart logic that detects end of sentences when setting the Title field for videos published to YouTube and Pinterest.

Plus, we’ve squashed some bugs alone the way.

Try these new features in Repurpose.io and take your content creation journey forward!