In the latest Content Marketing Insider Episode 4, Heather Farris speaks about Pinterest marketing in 2023. Heather shares with us her thoughts on Pinterest marketing and how it can be used to help small businesses in 2023

Whether you’re just starting with Pinterest or looking to improve your existing strategy, these tips will help you get the most out of your efforts. So let’s dive in and explore the top ways to dominate Pinterest marketing in 2023!

Pinterest is a Search Engine

It is primarily a search engine. It’s got two components. I like to refer to it as a two-sided coin. So on one side of the coin, it’s a search engine. It’s much like Google SEO if you think about Google SEO and searching. You are looking at the auto-fill. The related search terms within the search results are very similar to a YouTube situation or a Google. And then the other side of the coin is engagement based. So if you do well in the algorithm on engagement, saves, clicks, and comments, you will also rank higher in your SEO in the search. So they play well together. So there are two sides to the coin.

Establish your Pinterest Foundation

The very first thing that we would do is establish the profile foundations. So your profile foundations include your boards and your profile branding, and then within your boards, you also have a title and description. We would start with your foundations of the audience we want to reach and then use the keyword research we perform to inform our board strategy. So that’s step one. Once we have our board strategy in place, it’s content marketing. We have content marketing, we have social media marketing, and we may have how to create a short-form video. We could start on those three boards right away on Pinterest for this show.

The 5 x 5 x 500 Rule

And then, we would write descriptions including five additional keywords. I like to say the five by five by 500 rule. Five keywords, five sentences, 500 characters. That’s your description count. It’s 500 characters, and that’s for pin descriptions and board descriptions. Finally, we would create an excellent SEO-friendly title.

Branding your Profile like a Billboard

So at the very top of your Pinterest profile as a banner, I call this a billboard for your business. Like on the side of the highway, you’re going 75 miles an hour. You’re speeding along. You have this billboard at the top of your profile. When people land there, you want them to quickly understand who you are, how you serve them, and in what capacity you help them.

So if you land on my Pinterest profile right now, it would say: Learn how to get more Pinterest traffic and sales with proven strategies. And then there’s a URL on that banner. They can quickly type into Google. The URL on the banner linked in my profile bio is right underneath it.

You want your display name and your bio, and your domain claimed. This is all rapid information that people can consume to know who you are, how you serve them, and in what capacity you serve them. And then, they can visit your website from that link right there. 

Pinterest Brings The Juice

You can park your content on Pinterest, which can be found as long as you do your job well with SEO. It can be found for years. Some of my highest traffic driving pins are four or five years old. I recently closed down my “mom blog” last year (2021). I deleted it and scrubbed it from the internet. But some of the pins on my original profile are still there. You could click on them. They won’t go anywhere. But the traffic from that website and the pins were from 2016 and 2017; those were the highest traffic drivers. Typically, over time, it’s like a fine wine. Your pins age with time; they get better with time. 

It’s hard to achieve that same thing with TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. But, on Pinterest, you can search for how to create a content marketing strategy for 2023. People are finding you because you did your job well the first time by using SEO on your Pinterest images, pin titles, and pin descriptions, and the boards you put the pin on are also optimized for search.

There is more where that came from. Check out the entire video episode on this page.