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We heard you loud and clear!

The most requested feature is finally here: Instagram Reels is now LIVE as a DESTINATION on Repurpose.io.

If you’re looking to grow your audience on Instagram? Instagram Reels (also known as IG Reels) is the absolute fastest way to do that.

Here are a few things you can do with this new feature:

  • TikTok (without watermark) to IG Reels
  • YouTube Clips or Shorts to IG Reels
  • Audio Podcast Clips to IG Reels

How to use Instagram Reels inside Repurpose.io

  • Inside the Repurpose.io dashboard, add your Instagram account as a new connection.
  • Under Workflows, create a new workflow, place a name, and define your source and destination.
  • Create a workflow and select the Source you want to Repurpose from (TikTok, YouTube, etc)
    • if you are repurposing short form content (TikTok for example) and your videos are shorter than 15 minutess then use the “Full Video” option.
    • if you are repurposing long-form content (YouTube or Podcasts for example) and your content is longer than 15 minutes then you’ll need to use the “Snippet (Clips)” option.
  • On the destination page, choose your Instagram account and select Reels under the “Select Type” option.
  • Once you’re done setting up your workflow, click the content button to see what videos are available for repurposing on IG Reels. Inside, choose the video and click Publish.

With Repurpose.io, you can automatically publish or schedule your TikTok (without watermark), YouTube, Podcasts, Facebook Lives, Zoom Recordings, and more directly to IG Reels.

Go ahead and try Repurpose.io for free by checking out Repurpose.io.

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