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TikTok has taken the world by storm.

With 1 Billion active users, who would have thought that short-form videos would impact both entertainment and business.

But what if you could take these short clips and turn them into other forms of valuable content?

Here are five ways to repurpose your TikTok videos for your business.

Number 1: Re-upload Your TikTok Videos To Other Social Media Channels

Did you know that other social media channels now accept short-form videos? Facebook has video stories and reels. YouTube has YouTube shorts, Instagram has Instagram reels, and many more.

Now take your TikTok video and upload them to these channels. Make sure your videos don’t have a watermark because this happens when you directly upload your videos on TikTok.

Did you know that Repurpose.io can upload your videos directly to IG reels, YouTube shorts, and more without watermarks?

Number 2: TikTok to Text

Transcribe your TikTok video using applications such as Otter or Descript.

Now, you may need to make some revisions on spelling and grammar in case the application didn’t transcribe it correctly. Then take the texts and turn them into different kinds of readable content. For example, you can use them as text posts on Facebook and Twitter; ensure they are within character limits. Facebook allows a whopping 60,000 Plus characters per post. Twitter only allows a maximum of 280 characters per tweet. If your tweet goes beyond 280 characters, do a Twitter thread instead.

Another way to maximize your text is by turning it into a blog post. Add an eye-catching title, the corresponding H1 and H2 tags, and then embed your related TikTok video on the page. It’s a great way to let people know about your TikTok account and increase your views.

Number 3: TikTok to the Image Posts

Remember the text we got from your videos. You can use this as content for your graphic posts. Use a free application like Canva. Choose a beautifully pre-made template and make a graphic quote. Download the image and post it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn.

Maybe you have different points to share. Then make each point a graphic post and upload them as an image carousel. Did you know that image carousels have the highest engagement since people click on each slide? So what do you make five slides with each image as a headline, point 1, point 2, point 3, and a Call-to-Action.

Got facts on your video? Why not represented visually as an infographic but with charts, text, graphics, and clip arts.

Number 4: Short Clips To Long-form Video

Now let’s say you have short clips that talk about a specific theme or topic, maybe five, seven, or templates to these clips, stitch them together using any free or p video editing software, and you’ve got yourself a long-form video.

For example, if you have five clips at 60 seconds each, that’s already five minutes of video; then put a title, some graphics, maybe a soundtrack, and upload it on YouTube or Facebook. Amazing. All right,

Number 5: Backing Up Your TikTok Videos

It’s essential to backup your TikTok videos; you will never know when your account could be suspended or even shut down for whatever reason. It does happen. So backing up your videos is a must. Now you can do this the hard way. Or you could do this the easy way with Repurpose.io.

Because with Repurpose.io, every time you upload a TikTok video, you can automatically back it up on Google Drive or Dropbox so you can focus on creating content for your audience.

Repurpose.io is impressive software that can take your video or audio content and repurpose them for each social media channel. This way, you can maximize your reach every quarter and bring more potential clients to your business. Now easily set up your connections inside Repurpose.io with just a few clicks. Then, set up your workflow. Choose your content source and where you want to see your content next. And once you’re done, check your settings based on your content preferences.

Now, anytime you upload your TikTok video, your content is sent to all your social media channels like IG Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook. That’s repurposing efficiently with Repurpose.io.

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