In Episode 3 of Content Marketing Insider, Roy Garcia interviewed Kee Hart Marketing Founder Jen McKee on how vital a social media presence is to the growth and revenue of a business.

Here is some inside info from the latest episode.

What social media channel is a good place to start?

So I always am pointing people toward TikTok right now, and for good reason. The reason that TikTok is so exciting is that it’s still new. But there are massive amounts of people joining every day.

When you’re posting on TikTok, it’s getting in front of new people every day. Most of the content on TikTok is shown on what’s called the “For you” page. So it is the stream of videos that TikTok has determined that you will like based on what it knows about what you like. So it gives business owners an opportunity every time they’re putting content out there to get in front of new people.

Create Content For Your Ideal Customer

Creating content that your ideal customer would be interested in or could be helpful to them, or could be relatable for them. So you don’t always have to stick to business content or educational content.

Another really great part about the short-form video is being able to showcase your personality or your team or whoever’s working for you. That’s really fun. An office dynamic between people and then like telling your story, doing some fun things

Learn from the Kardashians

Think about the Kardashians, right? The Kardashians have multi-billion dollar businesses, right? And they all sell things, but on their show, they’re not talking about what they sell on their show; they’re just showing their life.

And yet people wanna buy from them because now they’re getting to know them and trust them and understand them, and they’re relatable to them. And so now they wanna buy from them. 

Video is VITAL to ANY business

People’s attention spans are getting shorter. So having that short-form video is a great way to keep people engaged and even be a funnel to your longer-form video. Right? I mean, has short-form content and long-form content, and it’s, there’s a need for both of ’em.

But it also allows people to get to know you. One of the greatest things about TikTok is like this authentic version of people, right, where you can’t fake it anymore. And it’s not about the aesthetic, it’s more about who you actually are. So that’s really why video is important.

The Stats To Back It Up

But video is actually more shared. It’s shared more than any other piece of content. So, of course, sharing puts your content in front of more people. So we always want shares. 93% of companies have acquired new customers from their videos. That’s a huge number. If you want to think about where you’re going to be investing your marketing dollars like obviously video is such a great choice for that.

And then on TikTok in general, like one of the biggest things that people who are on it think is like it’s only for kids. And it’s like only this dancing app. And really, the TikTok adult user grew over five times in 2020. Now there’s like over 15 million adults on TikTok also that are actively watching.

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