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News Flash! Facebook Reels is now part of Repurpose.io.

Here’s how you set it up.

You must click the new connection by clicking the “ADD CONNECTION” button and then choose Facebook. After that, follow the step-by-step process of adding your Facebook connection.

Once your Facebook is part of your connections, you will go to workflows. 

For example, you will repurpose your Facebook reels into YouTube Shorts. 

So we’ll create a new workflow by clicking the “ADD WORKFLOW” and then name your Workflow, such as “Facebook Reels to YouTube Shorts.”

Then, choose your Facebook videos and your Facebook connection. Please make sure to import videos from your Facebook profile.

Next, choose “Upload the video” and “Full Video.”

For this example, choose YouTube from your list. Next, select your Playlist if applicable. Or you can make a Playlist from inside Repurpose.io. Afterward, setting your Workflow is done.

To check your videos, click the “CONTENT” button.

Note: You are not limited to YouTube shorts. You can also post on TikTok, IG reels, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest as a “video pin.”

Bonus tip: Let’s say you want Facebook Reels videos with a specific hashtag to appear on your Workflow. Just click on “Settings.” Then, scroll down and click “Only import videos that contain specific hashtags.”

And once type your specific hashtag, click “Save.”

Then, all your Facebook Reels with that particular hashtag will appear on your Workflow and be ready for repurposing.

That’s repurposing efficiently with Repurpose.io.

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