We had the honour to talk to Launch and Scale™ Founder Khierstyn Ross in an engaging and value-packed Livestream on the topic of “How To Drive Traffic and Sales with Short Form Video.”

In this one-hour live streaming event, we covered topics including …

  • Why short-form video so hot now?
  • How to get started with short-form video?
  • Top performing platforms you should be repurposing your short-form videos to.
  • How to generate traffic with your short-form videos
  • How to generate leads and sales with your short-form videos

We also had a behind-the-scenes look at Khierstyn’s Repurpose.io workflows.

Khierstyn also shared about her brand new “Video Mastery” program designed to help you scale your online brand organically using short-form video.

About Video Marketing Mastery

Jumping into short-form video can feel intimidating. Many people are stopped dead in their tracks by one of these things:

  • They are terrified of being on camera
  • They don’t know what the content should be about
  • They’re not sure whether to post through a personal account or a business account
  • They’re not a nurse and can’t dance
  • They don’t think they have the right equipment
  • They don’t have the tech know-how to create and post

Video Mastery is a step-by-step course on Short Form Video for brand owners.

It teaches:

  • How to create video content without being on camera,
  • What content topics are most effective,
  • Best practices for posting,
  • The simple equipment you will need (that you likely already have),
  • And inexpensive or free software tools to simplify, systematize, and automate everything.

Khierstyn shares the strategy she developed with other eCommerce brand owners.

The goal is not to have a million followers, it’s to drive sales.

And the only way to do that is with predictable, quality traffic.

That’s the treasure chest that Video Marketing Mastery will unlock.

About Khierstyn Ross

Khierstyn Ross is the founder of Launch and Scale™, an e-commerce digital marketing firm specializing in fast, early-stage growth for online physical product brands.

Through her work, she’s helped launch and scale multiple 7-figure brands such as Jamstack.io, Aberlite.com, CeresChill.com, and many others.

She believes in empowering D2C product creators to build a business that gives them the freedom to fund and create the lifestyle they want to live on their terms.