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After all the shoots, cuts, and edits, you have uploaded your latest YouTube long-form video for your potential audience to see. But here’s the thing. What if I told you there are different ways to maximize your long-form YouTube video so that you can reach out to more potential markets. Here are 5 Ways to Repurpose YouTube Videos.

Tip #1: Upload your full video on another social media channel.

Take the video you used on YouTube and upload it to another social media channel, like Facebook. You can upload it to your Facebook profile, Facebook page, or Facebook groups you belong. Use the exact text from the YouTube video and maybe change it up a bit so that it can suit Facebook standards. Add hashtags you hope to target and publish away. If the video is under 10 minutes, you can also upload this on LinkedIn. That’s another channel you don’t want to miss: the more social media channels, the more markets to reach.

Tip #2 – Video to Text

Transcribe the video yourself, or you can find an application online to do this for you (check out Otter.io). Use the transcription and make it a blog post on your website. Place an eye-catching title and the corresponding H1 and H2 tags, and you have a pretty awesome blog post. You can embed the YouTube video on the blog post to increase page time for better SEO. Now you can summarize the exact text in 2200 characters or less and create a social media text post for Facebook, LinkedIn, and a tweet thread on Twitter. How cool is that?

Tip #3 – Short clips are vertical videos

Please take a short part of your YouTube video. For example, it could be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds maximum, and turn it into a short clip. Make sure that the short clip has vertical dimensions, put an engaging headline on top so that people will know what your video is all about, and burn captions on the video. Those are the subtitles that you find at the bottom. And this way, even if they don’t hear what the video is all about, they can still get value from watching it. Now upload the short clip vertical video on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube shorts, TikTok, and other channels that accommodates vertical video.

And do you know Repurpose.io can do this much, much easier? More on that later. 

Tip #4 – Design image posts

YouTube has a feature that turns audio into text for closed captions. Just download the SRT or TXT file from the YouTube video, open it with the appropriate application, and you can find a transcribed version of your video. With this, you can easily find quotes coming from your video. Use a free online design app like Canva. Search the appropriate image quote template based on your branding (such as fonts and brand colors). Please copy and paste the text, save it as an image post, and you’re ready to put it online.

Did you know that you can also design image carousel posts with the key points of your video? Then, post them on Instagram and even on Pinterest. Imagine creating an entire month’s worth of image posts with just one video. That’s amazing!

Tip #5 – Audio podcasts

Extract the audio from the video you just created. Add an intro at the beginning and an outro at the end. Then save it as another audio file. You can use different applications to do that, both free and paid. Then upload the final audio file to your Podcast host so major Podcast directories such as Apple Podcast and Spotify will discover it. This way, you’re tapping into another market that will soon hear from you.

Bonus Tip: When creating videos, consider your content structure.

This way, you can easily repurpose your videos. For example, you’re making a countdown video. You can split each point and make separate video clips. As a result, you are repurposing content much easier and faster.

Do it Better with Repurpose.io

Regarding repurposing content, Repurpose.io can take your video or audio content and repurpose it for all your social media channels. So you can maximize every content, expand your reach, and bring in more potential customers to your business. Just set up your connections inside Repurpose.io with a few clicks. Set up your workflow by defining your source connection and where you want your content to go. Then, check your settings based on your content preferences.

Now anytime you upload a YouTube long-form video, your content gets sent out to all the social media channels you set up. And just like that, you’ve repurposed your content more efficiently with Repurpose.io.

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